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difference between whatsapp business and whatsapp

difference between whatsapp business and whatsapp

Literally the main difference between whatsapp business and whatsapp is the purpose. Whatsapp business is made up with a business in mind to break from informalities and present a more formality a business should be approached with.

Whatsapp business app help separate a user between a private engagement and formal business engagement on whatsapp .To use whatsapp business you need to provide information that identifies your business which include business description, address, website, working hours and business email.

Features of whatsapp business.

Whatsapp business offers rich features that are essential for a business.This features include ;

  • Delivery information such as message sent , massage delivered that is massage that has reached their recipients and massage read.
  • Response automation
  • Ability to save message templates
  • Business profile
  • Automated welcome message
  • contacts/tags label
  • Massage analytics

More features are expected to be updated soon which include:

Creating a catalog to showcase business products and services, this will act like a shop or a gateway where your customers can actually get details of the products and services you are dealing with.

Through whatsapp business API users can deliver instant notifications  and direct customer support via whatsapp.

Customer stories , this are reviews or testimonials by past customers about the service and goods offered from your business.