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Using whatsapp from computer

Most people ask the question  if it is possible to use whatsapp web without having a phone . Before I answer this let me take you through how to use whatsapp web.


  • WhatsApp account on your phone
  • Access to whatsApp web
  • Connection over the same network between your computer and phone.

To connect to whatsapp web the first step you have to make is ensure that your phone and computer  are connected to the same network.After connecting to a network ,access using computer browser.

You will see a similar looking interface to the below image.This page has pretty every instruction you need to get connected to the whatsapp web.

whatsapp web whatsapp
whatsapp web

Open your whatsapp application tapp the three dotted menu or settings and select Whatsapp web.This will launch the inbuilt WhatsApp camera.

Point the camera to the QR code on the WhatsApp Web home page .If everything goes well you will be successfully logged to your whatsapp account.

If you disconnect your phone from the network you will see a warning telling you that the phone is not connected which brings me to the question if you can use whatsapp web without needing your phone. The answer is no.

This is because WhatsApp uses your phone to send and receive messages  which means the network acts as the gateway between whatsapp web and your phone.